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What can $10 do?

The Life You can Save initiative decided to take their cameras to Cape Town, South Africa to show what $10 means to people in poverty. $10 probably doesn't mean that much to most of us living in one of the richer countries around the world. For example, if you are…
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DiCaprio at the United Nations

Leonardo DiCaprio addressed delegates at the United Nations Headquarters, urging the international body to act on the climate crisis. He opened his speech by declaring that he's not an expert, but a concerned citizen wanting to help solve the environmental threats presented by climate change. Visit the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation…
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Uruguay’s president José Mujica: no palace, no motorcade, no frills

It is remarkable that José Mujica, Uruguay's president, has chosen to lead by example rather than edict. In a world characterized by excesses of the rich and powerful, he sends a sobering message about the way we should live our lives if we are create a more sustainable world, reduce inequalities,…
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