About 90% of seabirds have eat­en plas­tic and may keep some in their bel­lies, putting their health at risk.

Why do seabirds such as the al­ba­tross swal­low plas­tic, caus­ing them­selves in­jury or death?

Apparently, the smell of plas­tic in the oceans is sim­i­lar to the odour of rot­ting sea­weed caused by the break­down of plank­ton that sticks to float­ing bits of plastic.Scientists think seabirds as­so­ciate the smell of plas­tic with food – and are tricked in­to swal­low­ing plas­tic waste.

The rate of plas­tic pol­lu­tion is in­creas­ing around the world, with a quar­ter of a bil­lion tonnes of plas­tic waste record­ed in the oceans in 2014.

Do your bit to end this hor­ri­ble fate for birds – cut down on your con­sump­tion of plas­tics and re­cy­cle.