It has been con­firmed that mi­cro­scop­ic plas­tic fibers are present in our tap wa­ter.

So what con­trols are in place to deal with this prob­lem?

Apparently, none in the US. The US doesn’t have a safe­ty stan­dard for plas­tic in drink­ing wa­ter nor are they on the EPA’s Contaminant Candidate List of un­reg­u­lat­ed sub­stances that are known to ap­pear in tap wa­ter. The European Union, on the oth­er hand, re­quires mem­ber states to en­sure drink­ing wa­ter is free of con­t­a­m­i­nants.

Of 33 tap wa­ter sam­ples from across the United States, 94 per­cent test­ed pos­i­tive for the pres­ence of plas­tic fibers, the same av­er­age for sam­ples col­lect­ed from Beirut, Lebanon. Other sam­pled lo­ca­tions in­clude the fol­low­ing, with their per­cent­ages for plas­tic fibers: Delhi, India (82 per­cent); Kampala, Uganda (81 per­cent); Jakarta, Indonesia (76 per­cent); Quito, Ecuador (75 per­cent); and Europe (72 per­cent).

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